Autism - AWESOME


I had a very special privilege given to me by God this morning. I know it is one that God took great care in preparing my heart for in advance. During praise & worship I decided to go up front to the floor in front of the altar. (We do that in my church, well…. some of us brave ones do… I haven't always been that brave) I was deeply moved in worship and was praying out for our members, declaring God’s victory in every circumstance represented there, and thanking Him for what he’s walked me through in my own life. At the end of worship our Pastor asked us to pair up with people around us and pray for each other. He encouraged us in the truth that we are ALL ministers, one to another.  

I assumed who I would pray for, but I was very wrong. I turned to look into the face of Mason, and young man who said, “Jesus is King!” as our eyes met. I said, “Yes He is!” An adult male I know was “with” him and guided him into my hands for prayer. I asked his name and then his prayer request. He said with a slight awkwardness, “I’ve had autism since I was six.” My eyes lit up and I exclaimed, “That’s AWESOME Mason! That’s makes you very special. Do you know God created you to be exactly who He wants you to be? He made you PERFECT!” I went on to declare power, wholeness, clarity of mind and voice, for things to line up in his life and in his mind, will and emotions for God to use him in his destiny. I told him that he would be a mighty witness for God and how much God loved him right now just as he is.  

The words for this boy just flowed from me like a river and it was like we were the only ones in the room. During the declarations I felt his hands squeeze mine a little tighter with each decree. Something happened there…. I may never be privileged to see it, but I know I was there for such a time as that. You see…. I just read a book entitled Josiah’s Fire. In this book a boy with autism, who is completely nonverbal, begins to open up with an IPAD at age 6. Josiah is privy to a relationship with Jesus that most of us will never know until we get to Heaven. Josiah’s physical limitations are merely a veil for ALL that is going on inside of him and He is powerful for the Kingdom. Josiah is educated and has wisdom beyond his years. All this, he has received directly from his visits with Jesus! Mason IS verbal. He is on fire for God. Imagine how God will be able to use his life as well! 

Never discredit what you can’t see, or what you can’t make sense of. Never dismiss the ones who don’t walk to the beat of your drum. Our God is very creative and sometimes He likes to confound us with the unlikely. Be ready to see, open to listen, eager to hear and understand! 

May God bless you with the unexpected today!

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