Please excuse me while I stare…..

It has occurred to me in adulthood that I probably always had a tendency to “stare.” I’m an artist at heart, I see beauty and simply want to linger and take it all in. It may be a face with character lines or total lack of lines anywhere. It may be clothing style or color. It could be very well done cosmetics or hair color that allows the light to play perfectly in your crown. It could be the color of your skin,the pigment blends in your eyes or the intimate details that make you unique.  

I can remember when I was a teen being asked by someone uncomfortable with my gaze, “What are YOU looking at?” which caused me to quickly look away. Then came squinting because I needed glasses, which appeared to be “glaring,” which also evoked a negative response. Eventually…. I learned to look away…. 

Something I have discovered with Facebook, and maybe some of you artists have discovered this as well. I can stare again! I can look at every beautiful detail of my friends and not make them feel uncomfortable.  

Why am I sharing this? Because I want you to know that if you are being stared at, it is most likely because someone is noticing your beauty, not your defects. You may feel uncomfortable, but it’s a compliment really.

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