Prayer for President & Country

Prayer for President Trump, Country & People 6-5-2017 

Father God,  

Firstly, may Donald Trump have a full saving knowledge of You and Your Son Jesus and may he submit his will to Your will completely. 

May he seek You with his whole heart and worship You in Spirit and in Truth all the days of his life. May he be a ruler like King David, in that he would be a man after Your heart, and use his power and authority for the good works of Your Kingdom.  

Open his spiritual ears to hear You, God, more clearly. May his focus be on Your plans for his presidency and influence in the U.S. and the world. Bring him dreams and visions from Your Kingdom and direct his ways.  

Give him discernment and allow him to “see” like never before. Increase his wisdom beyond his own ability so that he will know beyond any doubt You are directing him. Give him boldness to move in ways he has never moved before.  

Keep his heart soft toward Jesus and his mind continually washed in Your word. May his every thought be held captive by a loving Savior. 

Help him to walk uprightly with courage knowing that you are with him. Keep his foot from any snare and his feet from stumbling.  

Go ahead of him wherever he goes and prepare the way with favor for Your anointed work in this world. Clear a path for him in advance so his footing is steady and his path is sure. 

Walk beside him on each side and gird him up. Give him strength and courage for his destiny. May he walk and not grow weary, may he run and not faint by Your Spirit and power working in and through him. 

Walk behind him and be his rear guard blocking any backlash from decisions he must make. Lest the enemy attempt to sneak up behind him, Your presence, God, will be there for his protection. 

Be beneath him to protect him from what’s below, and hover above him like a shield to block an assault from above. 

Shut up the wagging tongues controlled by the enemy. Silence the slander and useless chatter. Cut off the avenues and airwaves from these evil tongues used to spread their venom. 

Expose the plans of the enemy, corruption, twisted truth, lies, deception, people and things hidden in darkness. Subject these situations, people, and strategies to Your light of truth. 

Father, I also ask that you would do all these things for our Vice President, Mike Pence.  

Protect & strengthen their wives, marriages, children, and extended family, and their businesses.  

Help your saints to hold their tongues in complaints and unbelief. Help them to examine their own hearts before, out of their heart, their mouth speaks. Remind your saints to take their concerns to God in prayer while using their words to strengthen and build up - not tear down. 

Raise up for our country a government and place people in every position who value Your word, Your goodness, Your love, and Your ways. Raise up business owners who will operate with integrity. Pour out Your creativity and influence in the family structure, the healthcare system, food production, marketplace, education, entertainment and media. 

Begin to activate the blessings long withheld from the United States. Break every chain that binds Your people and this land. Release abundant anointing onto your saints. Let Your healing flow across this land to restore sick and wounded bodies and souls, and yes even the land itself. Let what has been twisted by man be straightened out by You, Lord. Let the FIRE of revival consume this land and let every person rise up to praise You in Spirit and Truth. Let them rejoice and be glad in Your presence and sing Your praise to the world!  

Ready Your saints for the harvest yet to come O Lord. May our callings and gifts come forth and operate to their fullness for Your Kingdom purposes. Make us bold, strong, battle ready, but tender hearted. Give us the ability to accept change, to bend and flow without breaking, and to be a catalyst for others in the trenches. Help us to present ourselves wide open for Your purification and cleansing so that we may live in holiness on this earth. Encourage us with Your love and strengthen us with Your power. Guide us by Your Holy Spirit as we proclaim the Name of Jesus as Lord. Help us to joyfully bring all honor and glory to You. 

Thank You Father, for hearing this prayer. Thank You that You are near, You are listening, You are living and active, and You are moving on our behalf according to Your plan. 

Yours is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, forever and ever. It is in the mighty name of JESUS we pray. AMEN! 

Prayer written by Sandy Harless in response to a word given by Lana Vawser

Psalm 72 New Life Version (NLV) - A Prayer for the King 

72 O God, make the king right in what he decides. Make the king’s son right with You. 2 May he be right when he decides who is right and who is wrong and may he be fair to the poor. 3 Let mountains and hills bring peace to the people through what is right and good. 4 May he stand by those who are poor, save the children of those in need, and destroy the bad power over them. 

5 May all the children-to-come fear You as long as the sun and the moon last. 6 May He come down like rain upon the cut grass, like rain that waters the earth. 7 In His days may all go well with those who are right and good. And may there be much peace until the moon is no more. 

8 May he also rule from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth. 9 Those who live in the desert will put their faces to the ground before Him. And those who hate Him will kiss the dust. 10 Let the kings of Tarshish and of the islands bring gifts. Let the kings of Sheba and Seba bring gifts. 11 Yes, let all kings fall down at His feet, and all nations serve Him. 

12 For He will take out of trouble the one in need when he cries for help, and the poor man who has no one to help. 13 He will have loving-pity on the weak and those in need. He will save the lives of those in need. 14 He will take them from the bad power that is held over them and from being hurt. Their blood will be of much worth in His eyes. 15 He will live, and the gold of Sheba will be given to Him. Prayer will be given for Him all the time. Let them honor Him all day long. 

16 May there be much grain in the land on top of the mountains. May its fruit grow like the trees of Lebanon. And may those of the city grow like the grass of the earth. 17 May His name last forever. May His name become bigger as long as the sun shines. And let men respect themselves through Him. Let all nations honor Him. 

18 Honor and thanks be to the Lord God, the God of Israel, Who alone does great things. 19 And honor be to His great name forever. May the whole earth be filled with His shining-greatness. Let it be so.


  • Laurie Knight

    Laurie Knight Aylett, VA

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. We know Comey is being untruthful. We back you !

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. We know Comey is being untruthful. We back you !

  • Karla

    Karla Montpelier Va.

    Yes! Yes! And amen! I will be sure to share in this prayer regularly. Thank you Sandy. Blessings

    Yes! Yes! And amen! I will be sure to share in this prayer regularly. Thank you Sandy.

  • Stephanie Stennett Ashby

    Stephanie Stennett Ashby Mechanicsville

    Beautifully written Sandy and my sentiments exactly!! May the good work God has begun be brought to completion in the Name of Jesus Christ!

    Beautifully written Sandy and my sentiments exactly!! May the good work God has begun be brought to completion in the Name of Jesus Christ!

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