From the recording Build An Altar


Goodbye Lullaby
from Build An Altar CD
words music by: Sandy Harless

Verse 1
Hush now, dont cry,
Youre safe within my arms
Ill cradle you in a lullaby
To the rhythm of our hearts
Be still oh sands of time,
Dont let this moment pass away
As our hearts intertwine,
Ill say good-bye to yesterdays
Ill sing to you songs of love,
Caress your downy brow
And kiss each tiny finger as
I make this solemn vow

Chorus 1
I will always love you,
Past the sands of time
Ill always hold you close,
To let you know that you are mine
No matter what tomorrow brings
No matter how the cold wind stings
Ill be with you and you with me
And I will always love you

Verse 2
Hush now, dont cry
Youll be safe within His arms
Ill hold you close as we say good-bye
Til the moment we must part
Be still oh sands of time
Dont let my angel fly away
Untie my heart slowly now
As I remember yesterdays
Ill sing to you His songs of love
Caress your paling brow
Kiss you as my tears flow down
Run to your Savior now

Chorus 2
He has always loved you
Beyond the sands of time
Life He breathed into you
Now gives you wings to fly
My soul grieves within this plan
Some things I just dont understand
But God I'll still reach for Your hand
And find my home beneath Your throne
And I will always love you