Dear Parents & loved ones who find themselves here,

If you have been directed to this page by a friend or family member, I am so sorry for your loss. It is my prayer that this song will minister to you in this time of immeasurable heartbreak. May you rest in the comfort of God, allowing Him to strengthen and renew you daily, continuing to reach toward His everlasting embrace.

Peace and blessings to you,

My Reflections on Goodbye Lullaby & Song Dedication

This song began as a lullaby one evening as I swayed in the dimly lit nursery holding our youngest while singing her to sleep. After writing the first verse and chorus, I just never seemed to be able to complete the lullaby. Life was a bit hectic with an infant, and my writing came and went as time allowed. A year passed before I opened this file again, and I finished writing the song. The words flowed and upon completion I was a little uneasy. Having never experienced the death of a child, I wasnt sure why this song would so easily take this course. A week later, friends from church would experience the loss of one of their sweet twin boys. I then knew the song was meant to minister to them, but could never bring myself to give it to them in written form. It just seemed too raw. Recording it took even longer. I couldnt sing it through even while alone without dissolving into tears.

Some time passed, and while the song will always evoke a deep emotional response, I felt it was time to get it recorded so I could give to them this gift that I consider to be only from God. I pray that it not only ministers to my friends, but also to countless parents who endure the immeasurable heartbreak of saying goodbye to their precious gift prematurely. I dont know this kind of grieving, but I can identify with finding comfort beneath the throne of God while walking through deep pain with unanswered questions. Keith and Joanna, this song is for you.

Sandy Harless
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Goodbye Lullaby Song Page
Dedicated to Keith &Joanna Frank in memory of their cherrished son, Mathew
and to all the parents out there who have experienced the loss of a child.
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