1. Spirit of Fear

From the recording Build An Altar

Spirit of Fear
from Build An Altar CD
words music by: Kim Taulbee
recorded by Sandy Harless

God hasnt given us a spirit of fear
For He has given us a spirit of love
So when you find your world is shaken by
things down here
Just set your mind on the Father above

Think on things that are good
Things that are pure
Of the Fathers love that will
always endure
Hes promised to save us
So hold on to Jesus
And give Him everything that youre
goin through

Gods word says:
Do not be anxious about anything
But, in everything, by prayer and petition,
With thanksgiving
present your requests to God
And the peace of God
which transcends all understanding
Will guard your hearts,
and your minds
in Christ Jesus.

He knows you
He loves you
He gave Himself for you
Our God holds the future
So trust in Him and no one else