From the recording Build An Altar


Wings of a Prayer
from Build An Altar CD
words music by: Sandy Harless

You heard the news today
And cant begin to think it through
The words stand in the way and you
Just have to find something to do
You run from place to place
Staying busy keeps you numb
When you reach the end of you
Sit down and talk to Gods Son

This is where hope is found
This is where love abounds
His peace will be ushered in
His healing can now begin
This is where He can start something new
In the heart of me, and in the life of you
On the wings of a prayer

You talked to an old friend
Caught up on the years that passed
Time has been unkind and they
Are looking for something that will last
You search for words of comfort
The perfect thing to say
When the very thing you can offer them
Is to hold their hands and pray

Voices fly to heaven
Whispering and Bold
Treasures from our hearts and minds
Secrets never told
A wish for you,
a praise from me
Raised up to the
God Almighty