1. Great Redeemer

From the recording Build An Altar


Great Redeemer
from Build An Altar CD
words music by: Kim Taulbee
recorded by: Kim Taulbee Sandy Harless

Almighty God is He,
maker of Heaven and earth
His Spirit lives in me,
Hes given me a 2nd birth
He has wiped away my past,
and washed away my sin
He put my feet on solid ground
that I might stand with Him

The Great Redeemer knows my name
He has delivered me from shame
He strengthens me from day to day
The Great Redeemer knows my name

The Great Redeemer,
He watches over me
He watches over the nations
sea to shining sea
Hes watchin over the whole wide world
You know Hes got it in His hands
He set the sun and the moon
and the stars in place
And they move at His command


The Great Redeemer,
knows my name

The Great Redeemer
is a shelter from the storm
Hes a strong and mighty tower
where my help comes from
When the accuser comes at me
with discouragement and shame
I say, My name is written in the book,
the Redeemer knows my name!